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About The Trip

Camper Thoughts: Yeshurin Sorscher

campsports July 18, 2018

The day started out with a bang with Rabbi Zucker waking up the talmidim with a piercing whistle that mamish shook the earth. After davening we had a raffle for all those that came on time for davening, and the lucky winner got a delicious donut from Dunkin’ Donuts.

After shtieging away with our advisors in morning seder, we have a delicious lunch consisting  of potato and cheese blintzes. We then loaded the buses to a Judaica store where our advisors helped us pick out seforim which we will learn with them throughout  the year.

But the day didn’t end there, we then went to a laser tag complex, where we were able to display our sniping and shooting ability in a safe and kosher fashion.

Yet with all this amazingness, the day was STILL not over, Rabbi Zucker had a spectacular surprise for us, the Zucker Games. These games though seem ridiculous  to an outsider, are in fact uniting the camp sports family in a fun and exciting way. Showing us that fun can happen in a good environment!