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Day 2: Chaburahs, Walmart, Pool time

campsports June 30, 2021

Second day of camp


Our second day at Camp Sports was a busy one. We started with a full house for Shacharis (and the same for breakfast…) and headed straight for the bais to meet our learning groups. Within minutes the Kol Torah could be heard loud and clear, as the bais medrash was pumping with great energy. The momentum did not stop as we switched to the Chaburahs. In every corner of the room you could hear the learning, the discussions, the stories, and the exchange of passion. Some wonderful raffles (with Dunkin’ as the prize!) followed, and the guys were off to lunch.


Next came a mini trip to Walmart to stock up on supplies for the summer (and there was no shortage of shtick either…). The camp had plenty of time to get settled in, and before you knew it we were off to our first league games. Football, basketball and softball in the “rather warm” weather was not as easy as you’d think, but the games proved to be as fun as always and the season is officially underway.


After dinner and mincha, our last stop of the day was a well deserved visit to the pool. Some guys chose to play taps in the water, others just chilling poolside, while some still wanted to play basketball (don’t ask me how…).


Back in camp we davened Maariv and heard the great news from Rabbi Green that we are heading to Hersheypark tomorrow! We can’t wait!!