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Tefillin Rap- Yaakov Berman’s Group

campsports July 9, 2017

Wake up in the morning feeling all the way down

Feeling like my soul is mamish on the ground

Every day tryin’a have my path found 

Screaming out loud but I can’t make a sound



Outta nowhere comes this crazy advisor

All he wants to do is bring me up higher

Tryin’a show me that I can wear my crown 

I know it’s a challenge but I can’t back down 



Strengthening my faith day by day 

I know that HaShem is protecting the way 

Building love every time I pray 

For once in my life I know it’ll be ok 



והיה לך אות על ידך 

ולזיכרון בין עיניך


For 2000 years we’ve been dying to say 

That we can wrap every day

Dedication, identification, purification 

Through these ways I will find my foundation