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Tefillin Rap-Abie Hersch

campsports July 9, 2017

Waking up and wearing Teffilin builds a kesher with our god, I know when I put on my Teffilin the connections feeling strong, what was a powerful relationship just turned into a bond, cause when I think about religion my Teffilin corresponds.

Asher Kidishanu Bimitzvotam Vitzivanu La’aniach Teffilin, we want to wake up in the morning but a challenge lies within, so we accept the Teffilin challenge it’s a marathon no sprint, and there ain’t no better feeling than when we wake up and we win.

My Teffilin started as a job and then that job turned into love, I want to make my family proud up to my ancestors above, my bais pointing towards my heart got my mind checking off the chart, I got my crown above my hairline the Brachot about to start.

We’re rapping about Teffilin can’t rap till we rap our Teffilin, got that spiritual feeling like our hands up to the ceiling, my Teffilin turned to habit it’s like eating sleeping breathing, my kavanas kinda crazy sometimes open my eyes screaming, I keep believing. My Emunah is never in doubt, cause I just put on my Teffilin and I figure it out. Totafot between my eyes the signs I’m wearing them proud, because I’m building up that Kesher that’s what Teffilins about.