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About The Trip

First day of Camp Sports- Hillel Freiheit

campsports June 29, 2017

I entered the airport with a sense of uncertainty about what would happen in the next few hours. This was my first summer at sleep away camp and I had no idea what it would be like. I entered the Air Canada terminal and saw my friend Aaron Nash, who would be accompanying me on my journey to Baltimore. After stopping at Tim Hortons for our last taste of Canada before crossing the border, we boarded the plane and headed to what we knew would be our Best. Summer. Ever. We had a smooth flight, and after we picked up our luggage, we met Shuey Hochman Who drove us to 7/11 and bought us Slurpees. Soon, we arrived at camp and were immediately greeted by a familiar face, our local NCSY staff member Tzvi Tabakman. As we settled in, we quickly saw how welcoming everyone was. Candy was stuck to the walls. After walking around for a short while, both of us got to know a lot of the people here. We are looking forward to the summer but the bus of New York kids just arrived and we have to go meet them.

-Hillel From Toronto