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About The Trip

Blog Post-Yehuda Eisenberg

campsports July 10, 2017

Camp so far has been awesome! For example, we went on the best trip in the world! We went to laser tag and it was insane. We played disc golf, had a fun game of laser tag, and also arcade, and then we went to an insane indoor sport facility. There was basketball, ultimate, soccer and a lot of fun! On Wednesday, we were supposed to go to the Hagerstown Suns baseball game, but unfortunately it got rained out. But then, the next Rabbi Green bounced back, and we all went to Dave and Busters. It was insane, everybody having fun playing games and winning prizes. I won a big bulldog and there was more: right after that we went to a trampoline house. It was so much fun; we had campers vs counselors dodgeball, of course the campers won. We had America Ninja Warrior course and then we had an in insane mishmar with awesome learning and I had a really good learning partner (Ilan Steinmetz). Then there were insane mishmar prizes. There was a speaker, there was NCSY swag, a skateboard, and Bean BoozledTM. I won some swag and a basketball net hat, and then we had a giant BBQ.

Then came Friday. We had the usual morning of davening, learning, getting ready for the rap off, playing sports, and going to Walmart, and then came Shabbos. We started it off with a beautiful kabbalat Shabbat with awesome dancing, and then moved on to maariv, and after we had a really nice meal with beautiful singing, and a new Friday night game, we went to a rabbi or somebody else’s house for an oneg. I went to Rabbi Cooper. It was nice, fun and full of laughter. Then came Shabbos morning. We had a really nice shacharis followed by Elliot Tanzman’s beautiful musaf, and a really fun meal with pizza man, bumble bee tuna, and of course Robby’s rants, and then at 5 o’clock, we had Rita’s Ices followed by some really nice shiurim and super seder. Then came mincha and then came my personal favorite part of Shabbos: the ebbing. We all sat outside with beautiful singing and great dvar torahs capped off by a beautiful speech and lesson by Rabbi Green and maariv.

Then came Saturday night we had an insane rap off with so many awesome raps and then we had a lot of dancing and to cap it off we had pizza, ice cream and French fries. Thank you all the staff for an awesome party!

And of course, how can we talk about camp without talking about the sports (so much fun), so many good games, and good plays. I love Rabbi Fried’s Plays of the Week on Shabbos right after davening even though he is not only inaccurate with the plays but also with the kids’ names.
I hope everyone is having as good of a summer like me!
-Yehudah Eisenberg