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About The Trip

Blog Post-Ethan Amar

campsports July 12, 2017

Yesterday at Hershey Park was one of the best experiences I’ve had. All the rides were just incredible w the high speeds, and insane drops. My favorite part of it all though was how I got to be w all my friends and have fun together. I think without out them this trip wouldn’t have been the same. When we all went together on Skyrush we all were screaming but it was very fun. After a while at the park the whole camp meet up and we all prayed and ate together. When we finished we went back in the park for 3 more hours. Then when we were finished they called us in and we went on the bus and back to camp.This was one of the most fun day of my summer and my life. This has been definitely the Best. Summer. Ever.

-Ethan Amar