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About The Trip

Parshas Chukas with Ilan Brownstein: By Akiva Schuck

campsports July 18, 2016

This past shabbos was Parshas Chukas, our second shabbos in camp sports. We started off the Shabbos with a beautiful Carlebach minyan with ongoing dancing for at least 10 minutes. After davening, we went to the meal which was filled with zemirot and ruach. To cap off the night there was a great oneg with energetic dancing.

To end shabbos day we ebbed off the shabbos with a spiritual kumsitz. After Shabbos, music videos made by each Chabura were shown with the topic being Modeh Ani. This experience was made even more exciting with a surprise from Ilan Brownstein, the beatboxer on Americas Got Talent. Ilan got the whole camp up on their feet dancing into the night. It was a great Shabbos and I can’t wait for the next one!

Akiva Schuck