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About The Trip

Chesed Seminar and First Trip: By Eli Ukraincik

campsports July 13, 2016

Camp sports started off with a bang this week. On Sunday, we had the pleasure to hear from Camp Sports Alum, Yaakov Wolff, about his role in the IDF. He emphasized that even if you are not on the front lines, you still play an integral role in the Army’s success. Each of us received a bookmark with the name of a soldier and the prayer for the Israeli soldiers. 
After Yaakov spoke, we had the opportunity to do a tremendous chesed for Tehilla bas Shoshana. Tehilla is a 3 year old girl who live in Israel and suffers from Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, requiring her to undergoes many life-saving surgeries in her short life. We sent her two Hello Kitty picture books, her favorite, filled with sticky notes from each of us relaying his wishes for a refuah shelama. No doubt that this will surely bring true happiness to young Tehilla and her family. 
The day continued with two intense league games and an exciting night activity called “Fear Factor”. We had to face their fears, such as cracking raw eggs on their head, eating a variety of spicy foods, and drinking a “delicious” smoothie made out of various different food items. 
The next day, we left for their first major trip of the summer. After lunch, the buses went to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Laserdome, a laser tag and disc golf arena. From there, we headed to the largest indoor sports complex in North America, the Nook. We played basketball, volleyball, frisbee and soccer. It was a great way to end off an amazing day.