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About The Trip

Advisor/Dorm Counselor Spotlight Gabi Kessler

campsports June 23, 2016

Welcome to Camp Sports!!

My name is Gabi Kessler. I’m from Woodmere, NY. This summer will be my 5th year in camp, my 4th consecutive year as an Advisor and 1st as a dorm counselor. People ask me why I keep returning to Camp Sports and never try other programs. My response always is, because Camp Sports is family; and always an amazing summer. Each summer we get an amazing group of NCSYer’s and Advisors. It is such an awesome experience getting to know such amazing people and having an incredible summer together. The learning and sports are so upbeat, intriguing, and exciting. Get ready for an amazing summer, and welcome to the Camp Sports Family.

Looking forward to meeting you all and have the “Best Summer Ever”.