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About The Trip

Wacky Wednesday in Camp Sports- Let’s Go Suns!

campsports July 23, 2015

We didn’t have any official “Wacky Wednesday” theme per se, but Wednesday was definitely a Wacky-ful day! Our NCSYers finished learning with their advisors all of their Mishnayos followed by a trip to the Seforim Store. Each NCSYer was able to choose their own Sefer for free, sponsored generously by Touro College. We spent hours there, getting lost with our eyes on so many different Seforim.

The afternoon continued with a little bit of open sports, but then we quickly boarded our coach bus, and went out west to Hagerstown, MD- home of the Hagerstown Suns Class-A Minor League Baseball ¬†team (affiliate of the Washington Nationals MLB team). When we got to the park next to the stadium, everyone could see chef Samy grilling away, making sure we all were going to celebrate this Siyum with plenty of hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken wings, and steaks (we want to thank Touro College for sponsoring our Siyum as well). NCSYer Eli Schloss finished off the last Mishna in Chagigah for us and made the Siyum on behalf of the camp. All of our learning was in memory of Rebbetzin Green’s mother, who we mentioned before Eli started the Siyum, and our learning should give her Neshama an Aliyah in Gan Eden!

After we finished eating from our Siyum, everyone got a ticket from Rabbi Green and entered Municipal Stadium, ready to root for the hometown Suns. We were a large presence there, and NCSYer, Ben Mizrachi, got to throw out the ceremonial first pitch of the game; a prize he won for learning extra Mishnayos to make sure we were able to make our Siyum happen. Our cheering section by first base was too much for the visiting Sand Gnats from Savannah to handle, and our hometown Suns were victorious by the score of 4-3 in an exciting close game. Many of us won prizes from participating in Baseball Bingo at the ballpark, and overall, we had a blast at the park! Check out our photos from the game to see more! Looking forward to sharing with you more from our awesome week of camp.