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About The Trip

Sports, Free Throws for Chai Lifeline, and Mishmar!

campsports July 17, 2015

After two straight days of exciting field trips, Camp Sports resumed its famous sports leagues on Thursday. However, before we had a chance to take the field, we have started a new exciting project in learning groups in the morning. The camp together is trying to split up Seder Moed in Mishnayos to finish over the course of the next nine days leading up to Tisha B’av. It will be really meaningful when we all make a Siyum completing the entire Seder Moed, that each and every one of us had a portion in this learning with our Chaburahs.

Once we finished our two league games, select NCSYers won a pool party to go in the late afternoon before the nine days begins. After Mincha, we held our annual Camp Sports free throw shooting contest, in which all the proceeds donated to participate goes to Chai Lifeline. The first round was completed last night, and next week we will resume the next round of shooters for a chance to win the big prize! No Thursday in camp sports is complete however without Mishmar. This week, our theme was “No Google, Just Kugel”. We stored our phones away so we could focus on our learning, followed by our weekly raffle and Kugel to snack on. It was yet another great day here at camp sports, and looking forward to another great upcoming Shabbos!