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About The Trip

Rollerskating, Dave & Busters, Mall Trip!

campsports July 16, 2015

Today was our first time this summer we went on a field trip on consecutive days. After a wonderful day at Hershey Park,we went on a field trip not involving as much chocolate. First, we concluded our learning portion on Netilas Yadayim. Following lunch on campus, we went to an indoor rollerskating facility, in which we had a fun time bonding with four wheels on our feet. It was a very relaxing activity, but we weren’t finished just yet.

If rollerskating wasn’t enough for us, our trip to the mall to the famous Dave & Busters sealed the deal. Many of us got to enjoy shooting hoops, played many types of arcade games, and won thousands of tickets in which we exchanged them for prizes at the end. For those who wanted to relax a bit more and unwind, many of us decided to go on a shopping trip around the mall.

When we arrived back on campus, we had open sports and a last minute laundry run for those who wanted to get their last load of laundry in before the start of the nine days. We then went to Ma’ariv, and then heard from our learning director, Rabbi Weiner, who introduced our learning project for the whole camp to finish a Seder of Mishnayos to start to learn tomorrow for the next nine days. Tomorrow, we will be back to our regular sports leagues, and can’t wait to show you what else we have in store for the evening!