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About The Trip

Netilas Yadayim + Hershey Park= One Awesome Day!

campsports July 16, 2015

After another great competitive day of sports on Monday, the NCSYers were informed that evening that we were gonna be going to Hershey Park on Tuesday! In the morning, learning groups had a twist to it. We are currently learning the Halachos of Netilas Yadayim (washing your hands) for the morning wash, and for eating bread. The NCSYers participated in our first ever ping pong challenge in which each Chaburah teamed up to try to fill up their washing cup, run over to the bucket with the ping pong ball in it, and wash their hands as if they were washing in the morning and for bread alternating each trip back to the bucket. The first team to have their ping pong ball overflow off the bucket was declared the winner.

Following lunch, we all boarded our coach bus and drove to Hershey, PA to the famous Hershey Park. We enjoyed our time riding the roller coasters, playing arcade games, and attended the famous Hershey Chocolate Factory tour. Many of us spent ample time in the Chocolate World gift shop as well, ensuring that we won’t want to see chocolate again until we leave camp. Stay tuned to find out about our back-to-back field trip days in our next blog post!