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About The Trip

LET’S GO O’s! Baseball Game, Inner Harbor and BBQ!

campsports July 14, 2015

Camp sports wasted no time trying to build upon our exciting previous week. After a later Shachris to give the NCSYers a bit more time to recharge for the week, Rabbi Dinovitzer of Baltimore NCSY, spoke to the NCSYers about the power of Davening. Following that, the NCSYers continued in their Chaburah learning groups, and then ran to the dining room for a quick lunch, because we had a lot to do that day. Camp sports was going to go to a SOLD OUT Baltimore Orioles vs. Washington Nationals game at Camden Yards.

Decked out in Orange and Black, the NCSYers got to watch Adam Jones hit two Solo Home Runs for the home O’s in an exciting 3-2 ballgame, which ended with the visiting Washington Nationals on top. The Rosenthal twins won home plate seats to sit with Rabbi Zucker during the game (check out all the pics on Facebook). Following the game, we all walked over to the inner harbor to chill with our friends and advisors, and have our annual scavenger hunt. From human pyramids, to public dancing, the NCSYers had a blast. Nothing concludes a great day in camp sports without another camp BBQ, grilled up by our Chef – Sammy Hecker! Looking forward to continuing the momentum of what promises to be another amazing week at Camp Sports!