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About The Trip

Leagues, English Sports, and Zucker Sports!

campsports July 23, 2015

On Tuesday, the NCSYers began the morning by continuing their Mishnayos for our big Siyum at the baseball game on Wednesday. Following that, we continued our last week of play in our camp league. Five teams are within one game of each other for the final two spots and a battle for the second overall seed (which receives a bye in the first round of the playoffs) is tight between three teams as well. There are three more league games this season (2 on Thursday and 1 on Friday), then the playoffs begin next week. Stay tuned for more updates.

Once we finished league games, Rabbi Kimche brought his great English flavor to camp by holding a soccer tournament in the early evening, which was very well attended. However, the night wasn’t over just yet. After Ma’ariv, Rabbi Green and Rabbi Kimche both gave a Shiur to each of their groups, and then it was time for the annual Zucker Games! This year led off with a bit of a twist though. Before Rabbi Zucker took the stage, advisor Levi Akkerman and his crew of eight other advisors performed our first camp play and song. It definitely was a big hit, and we thank Levi for all the laughs and talents he and his crew brought on stage.

As the clock struck past 11, it was time for the late night Zucker games. Rabbi Zucker wasted no time picking his first contestants. Rabbi Green and Rabbi Fried were included in the games as well, as part of the first competition. Check out our pictures on Facebook to get a glimpse of the very memorable evening. Stay tuned for a lot more to come from our final week of camp.