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About The Trip

Camp Sports reflects on the 17th of Tamuz

campsports July 7, 2015

By Advisor: Alex Selesny

After an uplifting first Shabbos together, we began the week with a fast, the 17th of Tammuz, aiming to make it as easy and meaningful as possible. We began with trying to find out if the names of the campers and staff impacted their characters and attitudes. We then moved on to watching a compacted version of “The Lion King,” highlighting the messages and ideas it contains. Most significantly, we discussed its relevance to the time period in which we find ourselves, “the three weeks,” and the common denominator it shares with creating a moving, dramatic story plot.

We took the afternoon off for everyone to relax, whether it meant catching up on sleep, learning in the Bais midrash, or spending time with friends. Later in the day, we watched “Beneath the Helmet,” a film on the lives of teens in Israel as they went through basic training to become paratroopers which emphasized the significance of our connection to one another as the Jewish nation. Following that, we attempted to relate to our history through watching a brief video about the liberation of the survivors in Germany after WWII. As the end of the fast neared, we worked in groups to clarify and reveal the priorities and values we share with one another as well as where we differed. We finished off the night with hot bagels, donuts, and, of course, some ball.