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Advisor Spotlight: Levi Akkerman

campsports June 28, 2015
An excerpt from the diary of Evil Namreka the alter ego of Levi Akkerman:
You Levi Akkerman are very annoying. You’ve dragged me all through your life to the most exotic places while all i want to do is sit in one spot and read poetry. Going to silver spring for once a month gets very tiresome when you have to sit on a bus for hours on end. Why cant you just stay in Monsey where we live? Arent there enough yeshivos there? And why did you drag me all the way out to south bend for twelfth grade? that was a pain. This is all a breeze compared to what you plan on doing next year shlepping out all the way to Israel to the Mir. At least there you wont have all the guitars and sports you enjoy so much and we might be able to focus on some of my hobbies that include but arent limited to heirloom tomatoes, poetry…