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About The Trip

3-on-3’s, Free Throws, and last Mishmar of the summer!

campsports July 24, 2015

Thursday was a packed day here at camp sports. After a nice trip to Hagerstown on Wednesday, we were back to regular learning groups in the morning, followed by league sports. There is one more game left on the season (to be played on Friday), and spots are still up for grabs in the playoffs.

Once we finished league games, the NCSYers continued their 3-0n-3 basketball tournament, as well as continuing the second and third rounds of the free throw contest for Chai Lifeline. Those who were  not participating in these contests either chose to relax, play open sports on the field, or go with their advisors to 7-Mile Market to shop for Shabbos and the conclusion of camp.

At night as we traditionally do every Thursday night, we had our final Mishmar of the summer (can’t believe the summer is almost over….I remember writing the first blog post about Mishmar) and the Bais Medrash was rocking with learning (see our pictures online). We concluded with our final weekly and Mishmar raffles, followed by cheesecake and ice cream. As we move into Tisha B’av this coming weekend, we wish you and your family a safe and meaningful fast, and hopefully this will be our last Tisha B’av we will have with the rebuilding of the Bais HaMikdash real soon. We will definitely keep you updated right here on our blog about our special Tisha B’av programming in camp.