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About The Trip

3-on-3 Basketball Tournament anybody?

campsports July 21, 2015

It’s now time to tie our shoes and play some ball. Sunday morning featured a special learning program, where all the NCSYers were divided up into different learning groups led by the Rabbis. Following our program, we kicked off the week with 2 league games to kick off the final week of the season. Teams are closing in on other teams in the close standings, and it is going to be an exciting final week to see how everyone finishes.

After we had a chance to clean up and eat some dinner, the NCSYers divided themselves up into teams of 3, for our famous 3-0n-3 basketball tournament, with the winner to win a free dinner from Dougies next week. Be sure to check out our photos to get a glimpse of the amazing tournament. Once we finished cleaning up from the tournament, the NCSYers went to the Bais Medrash for Ma’ariv, followed by a video presentation compiled by our lead photographer, Dovi Herman of the memories we had from the first half of the summer. We can’t wait to share with¬†more as the week goes on!