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About The Trip

Sunday, July 13

campsports July 14, 2014

We began our second full week of camp with another inspiring day of learning! After learning we boarded the buses and headed out to leagues! The season is in full swing and sports are getting very intense!
Recently in camp we have been learning about the laws of lo tirzach – don’t kill. In honor of this, our wonderful advisors set up a special program for us. The program was an interactive play about a murder mystery with professional actors leading the story. We were split up into our learning groups and given the mission of solving the mystery. We were given very vague clues with which we needed to use to solve the mystery. In the play, there was a mobster named Lou Zar, who was killed in his own Speakeasy. There were many suspects in the Speakeasy who each had a lot of motivation to kill him. At the end, after the murder was solved, Rabbi Weiner tied everything from the play into what we were learning. He showed us how the play tied in with the commandment not to commit suicide, the commandment not to stand idly by your friend as he is in danger and all the other things we are learning about. It surely was an unusual, entertaining and educational night activity.
-Ariel Blumstein, West Hempstead, NY