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Shabbos Week 3!!

campsports July 21, 2014

The third Shabbos at Camp sports was INSPIRING!!! This week was extra special because of the presence of NCSY Summer director David Cutler. An uplifting Kaballas Shabbos was led by Yaakov Abramowitz. In Camp sports, you could really feel the enthusiasm in the room during Davening. After Kabballas Shabbos and Maariv there was the awesome dinner. Dinner is always great with the beautiful Zemiros and the inspirational weekly Dvar Torah, which was given this week by our Joseph Fink. After dinner, we had a special Oneg led by the Kollel and David Cutler. As always, the Oneg was amazing with the great tunes the great food, especially the beef jerky, specially sponsored by David Cutler. During Lunch, we had our wonderful deli sandwiches, our weekly birthday cakes which are always amazing, and more incredible Zemiros and songs. The afternoon is always filled with lots of free time to learn or sleep, as well as a nice selection of board games. As the amazing Shabbos started winding down, we had Mincha, and then Shalosh Seudot. As Shabbos ebbed away, the most inspiring part about Shabbos to me, started. It was very inspirational, we sang singing different songs together, and Rabbi Zucker spoke about what one little Chesed can do. Ebbing was great! We davened Maariv, made Havdalah, and then we went off to bowling followed by a Pizza Melava Malka. We are all eagerly looking forward to another exciting week here at Camp Sports!!

-Danny Friedman, Cedarhurst, NY