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About The Trip

Last Day of Camp!

campsports August 1, 2014

Wow! What an amazing way to end the Best Summer Ever! On Monday, the playoffs began with tremendous excitement! Sports are intense the entire summer, but during the playoffs, the games are taken to an entirely new level. During the playoffs, everyone gave it their absolute best and the games were super close. At the end of the day, Yaakov Abramovit’s team and Rabbi Green’s team emerged to face each other in the annual Camp Sports Championship game, the Kiddush Cup!
We just love playing sports so much, that even after most of the camp is eliminated from the playoffs, that after Mincha we took a trip to Four Season Sports Complex to use their indoor soccer, football, basketball, ultimate, and wallyball courts! Everyone had a blast! After davening Maariv, everyone was eagerly looking forward to what would be an epic last day of camp.

On Tuesday, we had our very last day of learning groups in the morning. It was an excellent chance to reflect on what has been accomplished over the course of the summer and an even better chance to plan and look ahead to how we can continue to learn after camp. After learning was over, everyone made their last runs to Rita’s, Shabsi’s (the seforim store), Caramel’s (the Pizza store), and Dunkin’ Donuts! At 3:30, spectators filled their seats as the two championship teams and the two toilet bowl teams lined up on the field for the renditions of four National Anthems (American, Israeli, Canadian, and Polish). The Kiddush Cup, which is always a softball game, was filled with much excitement, as the NCSYers really enjoyed the announcers who were quite entertaining over the microphone, as well as the intensity of the game. In the end, Rabbi Green’s team was crowned the champions in Camp Sports 2014 with fans mobbing the team at the end of the game.

We concluded the festvities with a Siyum and a BBQ just down the hill from the softball game. Shaun Regenbaum and Zac Tankel made a Siyum on the conclusion of Gemara Makkos and Taanis, respectively, as the entire camp was there to congratulate them on their tremendous accomplishments. There were hot dogs, hamburgers, and steaks to celebrate the occasion.

After an afternoon filled with frisbees, footballs, food, and friends, we returned to camp to shower and to regroup for a meaningful and powerful end to camp. We had a Kumzitz in which we sang a little and listened as the NCSYers shared their experiences this summer and some additional thoughts. We then watched the end-of-the-year video, reliving moments from throughout the summer. The NCSYers spent the rest of the night packing up, hanging out with friends and maybe a little sleeping, as everyone readied themselves for their departure the next morning.

It was truly another amazing summer at NCSY Camp Sports filled with great friends, fun, and lasting memories! See you soon Camp Sports!