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About The Trip

1st Shabbos in Camp!

campsports July 7, 2014

Camp Sports celebrated its first Shabbos this past week. It was a lot of fun! We began by davening Mincha on Friday afternoon. We davened a very exciting Kabbalos Shabbos filled with singing and dancing. After that we ate a hearty meal with Challah rolls, fish, really…really…really…good chicken soup, and chicken. We were Zocheh this Shabbos Kodesh to have a Shalom Zachor on the special occasion of the birth of Rabbi Fried’s grandson. Mazel Tov! May he become a great Ben Torah! We sang more Zemiros and had extra treats. We also had the opportunity to hear Rabbi Fried speak on the Minhag of Shalom Zachor.
On Shabbos morning, we had an extended Shacharis at 9:00 AM; it was another Tefillah filled with our beautiful Baalei Shacharis’s voices! We were Zocheh to hear Rabbi Frand, an exeptional speaker, talk about when our prayers will be heard. We ate a scrumptious Shabbos lunch with cholent, chicken, and deli. We also had Rudy tell his funny stories, and we sang. Some people used their Shabbos afternoon to sleep, some learned Torah.
Shalosh Seudos was the most memorable of this Shabbos. First of all, we had breakfast foods. Secondly,we had the privilege of hearing a beautiful Dvar Torah from Avi Kahn about finding one’s strengthsin Yiddishkeit. But,those weren’t the best parts of Shalosh Seudos. It was ebbing, where the WHOLE camp got together and sang Zemiros for about 35 minutes! It was a complete fulfillment of Oneg Shabbos! We davened Maariv, made Havdalah, and then went bowling. It was blast…even for those like me who did not do so well. After bowling we came back to the campus andate a nice Melava Malke…pizza.
It was a Shabbos to remember. It was filled with Ruach. It was a great way to kick-off camp! Camp Sports looks forward to another three Shabbosos filled with even more spirit.
-Jacob Lehman, Richmond,VA