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About The Trip

Sunday June 30, Monday July 1

campsports July 3, 2013

We began our first full week of camp with a typical day at Camp Sports. After 2 hours of advisor-camper learning sessions, we were off to the sports fields. Even though there were thunderstorms in the morning, the sun had come out just in time for us to get two league games in. The weather has been consistently inconsistent, and right near the end of  the second league games, it started to rain again. However, it cleared up and was hot and sunny again, just in time for us to go to the pool for a late afternoon swim. After Maariv, Rabbi Green gave a night class about the disputes of G-d, ending off an amazing day at Camp Sports.

On Monday, after a regular morning of learning groups, we boarded the buses and headed off to Hershey Park! The weather called for a rainy day, which was good for us because it kept the wait for rides short. Not only was Hershey Park an awesome thrilling amusement park, but it was also an excellent opportunity for the NCSYers to stock up on their chocolate stash for the rest of the summer. We spent almost 5 hours in the park before breaking for Mincha and dinner. We then returned to the park for an additional two hours before heading back to camp. Even though we didn’t play sports, we returned to camp just as exhausted, if not more exhasted, than any other intense day at Camp Sports.