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About The Trip

Quack Quack!

campsports July 1, 2013

After Shabbos was over, we went bowling, as we do after every Shabbos. Only this time, we had to go to a new bowling alley because our longtime bowling alley had closed down. When we got there, we were in for a big surprise. This was no ordinary bowling alley, it was a type of bowling known as Duckpin Bowiling. Duckpin Bowling differs from regular bowling in that both the bowling balls and pins are tiny (see pictures). Additionally, you are allowed three throws instead of two. Most of the NCSYers and Advisors had never heard of this type of bowling before and it made for a very interesting night. When we returned from bowling, we were treated to a pizza Melava Malka as we put a close to our first, albeit shortened, week of camp.