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About The Trip

Get Ready for the Best. Summer. Ever.

NCSY Staff June 10, 2013

NCSY Summer is shaping up and about to begin its largest summer yet. With close to 1,000 participants expected to attend one of NCSY’s 12 summer programs, it’s going to be an epic summer!

This summer, NCSY launched three new programs: ICE Israel, TJJ Plus and GIVE USA. ICE Israel is a co-ed program that travels through the land of Israel. TJJ Plus is a leadership program for public school teens that have already spent a summer on TJJ. The program begins in Poland where teens learn about their rich Jewish history and culminates with a unique Israel experience. Lastly, GIVE USA is an all-girls program based in Upstate New York that focuses on volunteering and service learning opportunities.

Each NCSY summer program is lead by experienced and talented professionals who have spent the year researching and planning exciting trips, activities and educational experiences. Now it’s your turn to let the summer unfold and see what’s in store for you. Get ready for the Best. Summer. Ever!