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Chaburah Spotlight: Binyomin Barman

campsports July 10, 2013

Today’s Chaburah spotlight is on Binyomin Barman.

Binyomin is from North Miami Beach, FL and is spending his first summer as an advisor for NCSY Camp Sports. Binyomin was an avid NCSYer in NCSY Southern region for all four years of high school, including being his region’s Vice President his senior year. After a two year hiatus from NCSY to learn in Yeshivat Sha’alvim in Israel, Binyomin is eager to come back to NCSY with his unique outgoing personality while majoring in psychology in Yeshiva University.

The NCSYers in Binyomin’s Chaburah are Sean Regenbaum (Atlanta, GA), Leib Wiener (Memphis, TN) and Adam Bressler (Rochester, NY).

Binyomin has focused so far on how we all can achieve greatness through the talents Hashem has given us. Binyomin believes that through the lenses of the Piaseczna’s Rebbe in his Sefer Chovas HaTalmidim, one can really connect to his Avodas Hashem. The Rebbe’s writing is such a masterpiece because he writes it in a unique way which allows each person to feel like the Sefer was written directly towards him. This helps enhance the student to tap into his strengths to better his Avodah.

Many teens in our generation have a difficult time connecting to Hashem and his Torah because the effect of western society upon us. Many Mussar classics tell a person what a person should do in life to serve Hashem wholeheartedly, but this Sefer tells us HOW to do so while relating to the person and the type of environment he lives in.