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About The Trip

Shabbos- Adam Jampel

burackz July 24, 2012

This past Shabbos was an extremely fun Shabbos. We had many Camp Sports alumni visit including Ari Kahn, Jeremy Lavitt, and Jason Weinblatt. During Friday night dinner, Ohr HaNer, the camp from Central America also living on campus for the month, joined us for some fun Shtick. After dinner, we had a legendary Oneg led by Ari Kahn. Lunch the next day was also memorable, as many funny things happened including Rabbi Green’s weekly birthday cake giveout. A relaxing free time followed, and after Mincha Rabbi Green gave a shiur about boy and girl relationships. After Shaleshudes, the third Shabbos meal, we had an inspirational “ebbing” filled with singing and words of  inspiration as Shabbos ebbed away. After Shabbos was over, we we went bowling and returned to camp to a pizza dinner as we look forward to another great week.

– Adam Jampel