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About The Trip


Advisor Spotlight: Gabi Kessler

Hey guys!

My name is Gabi Kessler and I’m from Woodmere, NY. This will be my fourth year in NCSY Camp Sports. I’m very excited for my third consecutive year as an Advisor. Each year it’s great to see how much of an awesome time everyone has and how amazing the camp atmosphere is. Camp Sports gets better every single year. The learning program is awesome, the sports are great, and the trips are fantastic. More importantly, each year the group of teens we have come are an amazing and talented group of teens.

Looking forward to meeting all of you and have the #BESTSUMMEREVER

Get Ready for the Best. Summer. Ever.

NCSY Summer is shaping up and about to begin its largest summer yet. With over 1,000 participants expected to attend one of NCSY’s 12 summer programs, it’s going to be an epic summer!

Each NCSY summer program is lead by experienced and talented professionals who have spent the year researching and planning awesome trips, activities and educational experiences. Now it’s your turn to let the summer unfold and see what’s in store for you. Get ready for the Best. Summer. Ever!

Websites will be regularly updated throughout the summer, with the latest pictures and blog posts, to keep you informed and up to date about all the exciting events that happen. So visit frequently and get pumped up for what’s sure to be a great summer!

Looking Back At Week 1!!