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About The Trip

About the trip

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Top Reasons

The Freedom a High School Boy Deserves

At Camp Sports, you’ll be able to decide when and what activities you want to participate in. You’re old enough to be in high school, so you’re old enough to decide how to have the best time this summer.

Great Sports and Great Trips

When thinking about Camp Sports, two thoughts come to mind: sports and trips. Ner Yisroel will be your home over the course of the summer, but you’ll leave the campus nearly every other day for an exciting activity!

One-on-One Attention

Every teens receives one-on-one attention to build long-lasting relationships with their advisors. The staff on Camp Sports will help you bring out the very best in you this summer.

Individualized Learning

In Camp Sports, small learning groups give campers the flexibility to learn what they want, on their level and at their pace. Your learning should be personal and applicable to your life.