Yoni Greenblatt

“Outstanding camp with great advisers, learning and spiritual upbringing. NSCY Camp Sports is the perfect summer program for any Jew who intends to come out of the summer feeling more connected to G-d and to Judaism.”

Leib Wiener

“As a second year camper it was nice to come back to Camp Sports and hang out with all the friends I had last year. Not only did I become a better athlete, but I also grew in my self confidence, and Judaism. This was […]

Yisroel Dworkind

“Camp Sports is among the best things that ever happened to me. I spent two summers at Camp Sports…. I would recommend Camp Sports to anyone who wants a deeper appreciation of our religion in a fun-filled atmosphere, where endless hours of sports, trips & […]

Shaun Regenbaum

“NCSY Camp Sports changed my life. Not only did I make friends that will last forever, but they also inspired me and gave me opportunities to excel in life and in Judaism. They made me realize that the point of life is to reach your […]