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About The Trip

Camper Thoughts: Shimmy Lang

campsports July 17, 2018

When I first arrived at Camp Sports I was loved and greeted by the whole community. Before settling into a room I was already welcomed by most of the counselors. The campers are also so nice and even shy like me.

When kids go to a summer camp they don’t expect to learn but the advisors find a way to make it fun and interesting and you learn many things about your Jewish life. The Learning groups will also give a chance at making new friends at Camp there are different learning groups for different levels of Jewish study.

The part most people come for is, of course, Sports and the trips. When you play sports you interact with your team and you build relationships with all of them; the team becomes part of your family. The trips also give you new relationships with your fellow campers. Playing sports is fun, however, you must bring your A-game because you will definitely need it. Camps Sports has taught me to love and care for every Jew. Camp is helping guide us in the right direction, I still have a lot to learn with Camp Sports, and I know I’ll find new adventures on the way.