BLOG -Summer 2018

Camp Sports 2018: 1 SECOND EVERY DAY!

Our very own Eidan Horn created a video encapsulating the entire summer into 30 SECONDS! Great job, Eidan! Have a wonderful Shabbos everyone, and stay tuned next week for the official Camp Sports 2018 END-OF-THE-SUMMER video!

Camper Thoughts: Yeshurin Sorscher

The day started out with a bang with Rabbi Zucker waking up the talmidim with a piercing whistle that mamish shook the earth. After davening we had a raffle for all those that came on time for davening, and the lucky winner got a delicious

Camper Thoughts: Shimmy Lang

When I first arrived at Camp Sports I was loved and greeted by the whole community. Before settling into a room I was already welcomed by most of the counselors. The campers are also so nice and even shy like me. When kids go to