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Tefillin Rap -Yonatan Ginsburg and Rafi Setnik

campsports July 9, 2017

Tefillin, you wanna know what they are?
As I recall, the boxes on your head and your arm?
If you notice, fairly oftenly they’ll leave a red mark
Or an indentation, but that shows that you’re shtark

Kedusha in your heart, soul, and shabbos lights 
These phylacteries give kedushah all around, aight?
While on the body you’re on a higher plane , 
Putting G-d above all else, a relationship with Him you claim.

These black boxes are worn by everybody,
Ashkies and Sefards, promoting camp sports equality.
Jews around the world, wearing the same black straps,
all of this is said in the context of this rap



Between your eyes, on your door, ’round your arm, bought in bookstores, especially getting 25 bucks from the OU, I guess it’s their priority and make us holy Jews



Black Strap phylacteries, the other half of me, like vines round some fresh sapp-lings, the Maharal did, don’t be talkative, when placing these leather straps round your ligaments,



you must kiddin’ me, he’s the epitome, more so than the pitom of the etrog on the citron tree.



Geshmak as Gul would say,

Each and every day,

That holiness penetrates,

Hashem opens his gates,

’cause he accepts our praise,

Wrap ’em up after you pray

Us Jews wear em

To get closer to hashem