BLOG -Summer 2017

Blog Post-Ethan Amar

Yesterday at Hershey Park was one of the best experiences I’ve had. All the rides were just incredible w the high speeds, and insane drops. My favorite part of it all though was how I got to be w all my friends and have fun

Blog Post-Yehuda Eisenberg

Camp so far has been awesome! For example, we went on the best trip in the world! We went to laser tag and it was insane. We played disc golf, had a fun game of laser tag, and also arcade, and then we went to

Tefillin Rap -Bernie Goldberg’s Group

BEN- Yo, there’s 7 ideas of tefillin that we got to learn just chillin We put on tefillin to remember the miracle To connect us to the spiritual Serving accepting Hashem and his laws, desires, temptation are some of our flaws So, we have to

Tefillin Rap- Yaakov Berman’s Group

Wake up in the morning feeling all the way down Feeling like my soul is mamish on the ground Every day tryin’a have my path found  Screaming out loud but I can’t make a sound     Outta nowhere comes this crazy advisor All he

Tefilli Rap-Barak Bader’s Group

(We The Best nation )  ( No Another One)  DJ Khaled [Justin Bieber (DJ Khaled):]  Yeah, you’re lookin’ at the truth, the Torah never lie, no God’s the one, yeah, God’s the one  Early mornin’ in the dawn, know you wanna wrap it up now.

Tefillin Rap-Abie Hersch

Waking up and wearing Teffilin builds a kesher with our god, I know when I put on my Teffilin the connections feeling strong, what was a powerful relationship just turned into a bond, cause when I think about religion my Teffilin corresponds. Asher Kidishanu Bimitzvotam

Tefillin Rap -Yonatan Ginsburg and Rafi Setnik

Tefillin, you wanna know what they are?As I recall, the boxes on your head and your arm?If you notice, fairly oftenly they’ll leave a red markOr an indentation, but that shows that you’re shtark Kedusha in your heart, soul, and shabbos lights These phylacteries give kedushah

Abie Hersh -Day 2

Today was my first official day in Camp Sports. I had more fun playing my first two league games than I’ve had in a long time, and meeting so many amazing people was part of the incredible Camp Sports experience. Camp seems to be a

First day of Camp Sports- Hillel Freiheit

I entered the airport with a sense of uncertainty about what would happen in the next few hours. This was my first summer at sleep away camp and I had no idea what it would be like. I entered the Air Canada terminal and saw