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About The Trip

Fast Day and Free-throw Competition: By Benny Csillag

campsports July 27, 2016

This past Shabbos was Parshat Balak, another beautiful Shabbos in Camp Sports. After the delicious Friday night meal, all the different sports teams split up into their own onegs and tisches. My personal oneg had amazing food and even better ruach.

On Sunday, although it was a fast day, we still managed to have a meaningful yet exciting day. Sponsored by Landers College, each one of us was able to purchase a very own sefer from the seforim store in Baltimore. After the fast, there was an incredible opportunity to do a chessed while having a blast. We made a freethrow competition for Chai Lifeline and everyone participated. It was truly inspiring to see all the guys come together for such a great cause. Looking forward to the last week in camp!