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About The Trip

Washington D.C., Siyum BBQ, & Skyzone!

campsports July 21, 2015

Bounce, Bounce, bounce! My bad. Let me tell you what happened in order. The NCSYers are working hard going through each Mishna in depth in our Mishnayos project in learning groups. The Bais Medrash has a great atmosphere, and the learning is going great. After a great morning of learning, the NCSYers quickly boarded the coach bus to Washington D.C., where many of us went to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Air & Space Museum, and got a chance to walk around the National Mall in our nation’s capital. Some of us even went as far to the white house and the U.S. Capital building.

Later in the day, we went to a park near the Potomac River to Daven Mincha, followed by joining  Rabbi Fried in his Siyum, as he completed Gemara Kesubos. No Siyum in Camp Sports can go without a BBQ deliciously made by Chef Samy. After the BBQ, we got to spend some time in the beautiful park throwing around the frisbee and enjoying the beautiful view of D.C.

As the sun began to set, the NCSYers hopped back on the bus to head back north towards campus. However, we weren’t going back just yet. Before we headed back to campus, we went on a night trip to Skyzone Trampoline Center, where many of us enjoyed bouncing on the trampolines, flipping over into the foam ball pit, played dodgeball and basketball, and enjoyed many good laughs. Stay tuned as we continue our league games on Tuesday to hear all about the final week of our season!