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About The Trip

Sports, Hiking and 2 BBQ’s!

campsports July 9, 2015

Camp Sports is continuing our first full week of camp with a bang. After a very fun day of paintball and ropes course, the camp continued learning about meat and milk in our first learning groups, followed by two more games on Wednesday. One game of soccer went past overtime into a shootout, and Rabbi Fried’s team has proven themselves to be a contender down the stretch for the playoffs as the last undefeated team in the league (6-0). After a long day of sports, select raffle winners were treated to their own private pool party, while others took the time to either relax, play some basketball and frisbee, or learn in the Bais Medrash prior to “Super Seder” (optional learning with an advisor on Mondays & Wednesdays from 9:15-10).

Today, the NCSYers are going to take what they have been learning all week and see it in reality as Rabbi Loike (from the OU National Kashrus Department) is giving a special presentation during learning groups to all of us in the Bais Medrash, concluding with a Q and A session with the NCSYers about the laws of Kashrus. After this special learning program, we are going on a scenic hike at Patapasco State Park followed by a massive BBQ with chicken, steak, hot dogs and hamburgers!

When we get back from our amazing hike and BBQ, the NCSYers who are participating in “Super Seder” will be learning from 9-945, and then we will have our weekly Thursday night Mishmar, followed by our weekly and mishmar raffles. After all of that, Samy is going to fire up another BBQ on campus, so the NCSYers can enjoy our first midnight BBQ of the summer as well!