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Chaburah Spotlight: Eitan Blumstein

campsports July 13, 2015

Eitan Blumstein is learning the Torah Treasury (on the Parsha) with Gav Gichtin, Ben Mizrachi, Akiva Motechin, and Eli Schloss. The group ranges from Vancouver, to Bergenfield, New Jersey, to Ranana, Israel.

Eitan’s group learned about Parshat Pinchas this week. The group discussed questions in regard to the morality of Pinchas’ act, as to why the Torah mentioned Aharon’s name when introducing Pinchas’, as to why Hashem blessed Pinchas with and covenant of peace, and the question of why did Moshe stand on the sidelines throughout the ordeal.

The goal of Eitan’s Chaburah is to continue to understand the Torah in a way that is deeper than the actual P’shat (simple explanation). We want to ask the questions that we may be afraid from asking. When they ask these questions, it allows for deeper meaning of the Parsha and for certain life lessons to be learned and put into action in the daily pursuit in being the best ‘Eved Hashem’ one can be.