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About The Trip

Camp Sports Starts off with a Bang!

campsports July 5, 2015

The first few days have been exciting and action packed. Almost 90 teens arrived to our camp on Wednesday eager for yet another summer with camp sports. On the first day, our staff helped the teens unload their belongings and help situate everyone into their rooms followed by a pizza lunch and pickup ultimate frisbee and basketball games. After everyone got to rest from their trip, we had a quick camp orientation followed by night sports. On Thursday, we had our first day of morning learning groups with the advisors. This summer’s learning groups will focus on the laws of Kashrus (keeping Kosher), and we are already off to a tasteful start. Following lunch, Rabbi Green went over the rules for our camp wide sports league and captains met with their teammates before we played our first league game later that afternoon. Thursday had a lot more in store for our NCSYers though….

After the NCSYers got to shower and eat dinner from a competitive first day of sports, we all got to play bubble soccer out on the football field on campus. Our day wasn’t over just yet! Every Thursday night, Camp Sports has our Mishmar night, followed by our weekly and Mishmar raffles and Erev Shabbos Cholent for everyone. The Bais Medrash was packed as the NCSYers got to choose an advisor and learn whatever they wanted to learn from our large selection of Seforim at our NCSY library in the Bais Medrash. The first two days were nothing short of a blast, and looking forward to sharing more updates with you of our #BESTSUMMEREVER!