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About The Trip

Another exciting Shabbos for Camp Sports!

campsports July 14, 2015

On Friday, the NCSYers started off the day by hearing from Rabbi Holland from the Star-K Kashrus agency. He talked about industrial Kashrus with the NCSYers, as we wrapped up our second packet about Kashrus. We then had 1 league game, followed by a Walmart run and floor hockey with Rabbi Fried.

On Shabbos, we were fortunate to have a handful of guests. The NCSYers were privileged to host director of summer programs- David Cutler for Shabbos, as well as Rabbi Granofsky (Founder and Rosh Yeshiva of Ohr Dovid), and Jeremy Lavitt as well. Before we had our Oneg (with deli roll, cholent, and poppers) led by Shmuel Lesher and words of Torah from Rabbi Granofsky, Benny Sragow said over a beautiful Dvar Torah at our Shabbos meal. During the day, right before the end of Davening, we were privileged to hear words of Torah from Rabbi Frand. At lunch, Joseph Fink and Aaron Saxon said over beautiful Divrei Torah, and the NCSYers got a chance to relax from the long week, play board games in the dorms, or learn in the Bais Medrash. Later in the afternoon, Rabbi Fried gave over his popularly attended “Parsha Highlights” shiur, while Rabbi Granofksy gave a special Shiur to the juniors/seniors. After Mincha, Jeremy Lavitt spoke to the NCSYers about comparative religions. Rabbi Green “Ebbed” Shabbos away and told us why the Wright Brothers (first flight) are one of his biggest personal inspirations to him.

After Shabbos, we all boarded the buses for two hours of unlimited bowling. Some of us got as many as 5 games over the course of the night. No camp sports Motzei Shabbos could be complete without going back to campus for a pizza melave malka to follow. Be sure to follow up on all that we are doing this coming week! You could follow us here on our website, or our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages!