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About The Trip

Shabbos Week 2!!

campsports July 14, 2014

This past Shabbos was amazing! Kabbalas Shabbos was lively, spiritual, and was a spectacular intro into the second Shabbos at Camp Sports. The Friday night meal was wonderful (obviously) and was followed by an inspirational oneg led by Rabbi Kurland, one of our Shabbos guests. At the daytime seudah, after a beautiful Shachris and Mussaf. we were taught the Bumblebee Tuna version of Yom Zeh Mechubad, and heard multiple Dvar Torahs. At the end of the seudah, we sang happy birthday in Polish (Stola, Stola…), to Shimon (and a few others). The afternoon was filled with learning and games, and of course, sleep. After mincha, we heard a very interesting lesson on Christianity – and its falsehoods, by Jeremy Lavitt, another Shabbos guest of ours. As Shabbos was ebbing away, we all joined in a circle in the Beis Medrash, having an awesome ebbing program, followed by Havdalah and a Kumzitz around a bonfire. Rabbi Kurland led the superb Kumzitz and talked about how this summer is a great opportunity that we have to learn and grow, and at Camp Sports that is what we strive to do! We look ahead to another exciting week at Camp Sports!
-Micha Richman, Setauket, NY