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Rabbi Zucker’s Wacky Olympics!!!!

campsports July 22, 2014

Sunday began like any other Sunday in Camp Sports. The Beis was packed during learning groups and the sports fields were filled with intensity. However, once Sunday night came, we were in for quite the twist! On Sunday night Rabbi Zucker had the best night activity this summer – the Zucker Games. Many advisors and campers had opportunities to get involved in the entertaining and fun filled activities. The camp was divided into four teams and the teams picked campers or advisors to get involved in each game. One of the funniest games was when four advisors stood on chairs and four of the shortest campers had to feed them with bottles filled with root beer. The advisor who finished the bottle first was declared the winner. Another awesome game was when four campers had to eat a watermelon – with no hands. The final activity and best out of all the Zucker Games was when four campers had to put their heads in a bowl of flour to find a penny without using their hands. All in all, it was a hilarious night at Camp Sports, and an amazing way to kick start what is sure to be another great week in Camp Sports!

-Shlomo Hirschey, Elizabeth, NJ