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About The Trip

Hagerstown Suns Minor League Baseball Game!!

campsports July 25, 2014

What a jampacked day it was on Wednesday here at Camp Sports! From learning groups to an amazing lunch followed by an awesome trip! Where else can you find a camp that does all that in one day? The day started with the usual wake up, with some of the most awesome counselors. After that, if you had not guessed already, was Shachris. After Shachris, we had a breakfast of cereal, sandwiches, soft and hard boiled eggs and some other delicious stuff that completed a great breakfast. After breakfast, we went back to the shul for our unique three person learning groups with a counselor. In Camp Sports we don’t learn like we would in a class. What makes it fun is that we learn the material as if we were in a race…a race to finish the CHALLENGES! On Wednesday, most of the camp was working on Challenge #3, where each learning group had to begin to draw a poster about a specific malachah. My group, which consists of Asher Stein, Leib Fant, and advisor Ariel Adler, began drawing a poster on the malacha of Boneh (Building). So far it looks great, considering the fact that we don’t have any artists in our group. After lunch, the annual three-on-three basketball tournament began. At the same time, the inaugural Camp Sports soccer tournament was going on, and a pickup football game for the tougher campers. Besides for pride, the winner of the basketball tournament gets a free meal to Dougie’s, and the soccer champions will receive a meal at Mama Leah’s. After the games were completed, we davened Mincha and then boarded the buses to go to the Hagerstown Suns game. When we got to Hagerstown, we had an awesome BBQ. At the game, my friend Gavi Glazer got to throw out the first pitch as a reward for his learning group having the best song in Challenge #2. He threw a perfect strike in front of a crowd that was mostly from Camp Sports. During the game, the camp decided we would cheer extra loud for suns catcher, Spencer Keiboom. We made funny chants, like “BOOM KAHBOOM!”, and “when I say KAH you say BOOM, KAH! – BOOM! KAH! – BOOM!” Even though the suns lost to the Kannapolis Intimidators, I think everyone had a great time there. When we got back to the shul, we davened Maariv and figured out that around half of the camp got a baseball that was hit into foul territory. Now that, my friends, is a typical awesome trip day at the one and only NCSY Camp Sports!

-Ethan Isakov, Queens, NY