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About The Trip

Summer 2014

Looking Back At Summer 2014!!

Looking Back At Week 4!!

Take a look back at Week 4 of camp!!

Last Day of Camp!

Wow! What an amazing way to end the Best Summer Ever! On Monday, the playoffs began with tremendous excitement! Sports are intense the entire summer, but during the playoffs, the games are taken to an entirely new level. During the playoffs, everyone gave it their absolute best and the games were super close. At the end of the day, Yaakov Abramovit’s team and Rabbi Green’s team emerged to face each other in the annual Camp Sports Championship game, the Kiddush Cup!
We just love playing sports so much, that even after most of the camp is eliminated from the playoffs, that after Mincha we took a trip to Four Season Sports Complex to use their indoor soccer, football, basketball, ultimate, and wallyball courts! Everyone had a blast! After davening Maariv, everyone was eagerly looking forward to what would be an epic last day of camp.

On Tuesday, we had our very last day of learning groups in the morning. It was an excellent chance to reflect on what has been accomplished over the course of the summer and an even better chance to plan and look ahead to how we can continue to learn after camp. After learning was over, everyone made their last runs to Rita’s, Shabsi’s (the seforim store), Caramel’s (the Pizza store), and Dunkin’ Donuts! At 3:30, spectators filled their seats as the two championship teams and the two toilet bowl teams lined up on the field for the renditions of four National Anthems (American, Israeli, Canadian, and Polish). The Kiddush Cup, which is always a softball game, was filled with much excitement, as the NCSYers really enjoyed the announcers who were quite entertaining over the microphone, as well as the intensity of the game. In the end, Rabbi Green’s team was crowned the champions in Camp Sports 2014 with fans mobbing the team at the end of the game.

We concluded the festvities with a Siyum and a BBQ just down the hill from the softball game. Shaun Regenbaum and Zac Tankel made a Siyum on the conclusion of Gemara Makkos and Taanis, respectively, as the entire camp was there to congratulate them on their tremendous accomplishments. There were hot dogs, hamburgers, and steaks to celebrate the occasion.

After an afternoon filled with frisbees, footballs, food, and friends, we returned to camp to shower and to regroup for a meaningful and powerful end to camp. We had a Kumzitz in which we sang a little and listened as the NCSYers shared their experiences this summer and some additional thoughts. We then watched the end-of-the-year video, reliving moments from throughout the summer. The NCSYers spent the rest of the night packing up, hanging out with friends and maybe a little sleeping, as everyone readied themselves for their departure the next morning.

It was truly another amazing summer at NCSY Camp Sports filled with great friends, fun, and lasting memories! See you soon Camp Sports!

Shabbos Week 4!!!

As Thursday Mishmar came to an end, the thought of the coming Shabbos came into my brain and starting doing somersaults in excitement. The week itself had been full of exiting trips and sports galore, but I was in need of a desperate break and my body was sending messages that it was time to shut down.
Early Friday morning I woke up to the smell of dirty laundry and an amazing realization hit me. Tonight Shabbos begins and I told myself that since this is the last Shabbos of camp, I better make it count. Eager to get on with my day I raced to shacharis. After learning had been completed, I was blessed with the gift of playing softball, the sport that causes the average human to exert the least amount of energy possible. A very intense game of softball ensued and after a great catch by Rabbi Cooper, my team took the victory. It was simply a fantastic way to end the week.
Once the sports were all completed we set out for 7 Mile Market for pre-Shabbos shopping and to partake in a contest set forth by Rabbi Weiner to buy snacks for the oneg that night. I made a few great purchases and in the blink of an eye, I was right back at camp getting ready for shul.

Kabalas Shabbos was simply fantastic and inspirational, with singing and dancing to greet Shabbos. At the conclusion of Davening I went to the dining room for the Shabbos meal, which included very scrumptious food. And in the middle of the meal the other camp that shares Ner Yisrael with us called Ohr HaNair joined us in singing Shabbos zemirot. After the meal, the snacks from 7 Mile were brought out at the oneg and the significance of each one was explained.
The next morning tipped off with shacharis which was followed by a delicious meal filled with cholent, deli, and cake for those fortunate enough to have their birthdays during camp. The cakes scent was simply overtaking. After a great rest/ menucha, we davened and ate shalushudis and finished off the final Shabbos of camp with ebbing. It is sad to see camp coming to an end, but this Shabbos made me realize that we are one camp and one voice that we can really make an impact on one another and help each other grow.

-Efraim Weiner, Memphis, Tennessee

Chaburah Spotlight: David Kornbluth

David Kornbluth has returned for his fourth summer as an advisor at Camp Sports. Hailing from the Five Towns, David attended Rambam Mesivta High School, at which time he also first experienced Camp Sports as a camper. Following high school, David spent a year abroad at Yeshivat Sha’alvim where he further developed himself as a Jew. David recently completed his fourth year at Yeshiva University where he majored in Physics and Pre-engineering. Next year, he plans to attend the Combined Engineering Program at Columbia University.
David learns with Elias Rosenthal (Santa Rosa, CA) and Bension Khaimov (Brooklyn, NY), two talented teenagers eager to learn. Together they have been learning Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, specifically the laws pertaining to public fast days and the Three Weeks. On Fridays they take time to review the weekly parsha. Every so often, Elias and Bension have questions and topics they’re curious about which lead to interesting and engaging conversations.

Hagerstown Suns Minor League Baseball Game!!

What a jampacked day it was on Wednesday here at Camp Sports! From learning groups to an amazing lunch followed by an awesome trip! Where else can you find a camp that does all that in one day? The day started with the usual wake up, with some of the most awesome counselors. After that, if you had not guessed already, was Shachris. After Shachris, we had a breakfast of cereal, sandwiches, soft and hard boiled eggs and some other delicious stuff that completed a great breakfast. After breakfast, we went back to the shul for our unique three person learning groups with a counselor. In Camp Sports we don’t learn like we would in a class. What makes it fun is that we learn the material as if we were in a race…a race to finish the CHALLENGES! On Wednesday, most of the camp was working on Challenge #3, where each learning group had to begin to draw a poster about a specific malachah. My group, which consists of Asher Stein, Leib Fant, and advisor Ariel Adler, began drawing a poster on the malacha of Boneh (Building). So far it looks great, considering the fact that we don’t have any artists in our group. After lunch, the annual three-on-three basketball tournament began. At the same time, the inaugural Camp Sports soccer tournament was going on, and a pickup football game for the tougher campers. Besides for pride, the winner of the basketball tournament gets a free meal to Dougie’s, and the soccer champions will receive a meal at Mama Leah’s. After the games were completed, we davened Mincha and then boarded the buses to go to the Hagerstown Suns game. When we got to Hagerstown, we had an awesome BBQ. At the game, my friend Gavi Glazer got to throw out the first pitch as a reward for his learning group having the best song in Challenge #2. He threw a perfect strike in front of a crowd that was mostly from Camp Sports. During the game, the camp decided we would cheer extra loud for suns catcher, Spencer Keiboom. We made funny chants, like “BOOM KAHBOOM!”, and “when I say KAH you say BOOM, KAH! – BOOM! KAH! – BOOM!” Even though the suns lost to the Kannapolis Intimidators, I think everyone had a great time there. When we got back to the shul, we davened Maariv and figured out that around half of the camp got a baseball that was hit into foul territory. Now that, my friends, is a typical awesome trip day at the one and only NCSY Camp Sports!

-Ethan Isakov, Queens, NY

Paintball & Ropes Course!!!

Today’s trip, a major highlight of the summer, was paintballing. The day started normally, but as soon as Shacharit and learning groups were over, we rushed to the buses to get to paintball and the ropes course. It was a long ride, but the wait was well worth it. As we arrived those of us who were brave enough to go paintballing were taught the rules of “war” and were separated into teams. We played about 6 courses, each one more fun than the last. I survived through: D-day, Jungle Attack, Capture the Flag, Protect the Fortress, Town, and Speedball. I got shot at least 50 times, 25 of the shots coming from a machine gun and within ten seconds of each other. By the end of the day, I had scratches all over my body from crawling through all sorts of terrain, and welts covering me from knee to neck. Despite this, the feeling of accomplishment and victory made up for my tired brain and scars of war. Nearby, my friends at the ropes course also had a great time, yet without getting shot at. They had to navigate a wall of rocks, a tight rope, and a zip line that almost (based on who recounts the story) broke the speed of light. At the end of the day, the whole camp joined together for another amazing Camp Sports barbecue. All in all, another specatcular day at Camp Sports!

-Shaun Regenbaum, Dunwoody, GA

Chaburah Spotlight: Ariel Adler

Ariel Adler is spending his first summer in Camp Sports. Last summer, he was a counselor at Camp HASC. Ariel is from Edison, New Jersey and went to JEC for high school. After spending two years studying in Jerusalem at Yeshivat Torat Shraga, Ariel then moved on to Yeshiva University, where he will be a junior in the fall.
The members of Ariel’s chaburah are Andrew Korman (Detroit, MI) and Shimmy Socol (Kew Gardens Hills, NY). The chaburah’s focus is on the rationale of mitzvos. After the chaburah tests their knowledge of the basic laws of the mitzvah they are studying, they go through various Rishonim’s opinions on the reason for each mitzvah. The Rishonim they study include the Rambam, Ramban, Sefer Hachinuch, Abarbanel, Ibn Ezra among many others. So far, the chaburah has covered all the mitzvos of Sefer Bereishis, and is currently covering the many mitzvos of Parshas Kedoshim. Every Friday, Andrew and Shimmy get to choose a mitzvah from anywhere in the Torah that they want to explore.
“By learning the reasons for so many mitzvos, I gain a greater appreciation for the mitzvos I am striving to perform every day.” –Shimmy Socol

Rabbi Zucker’s Wacky Olympics!!!!

Sunday began like any other Sunday in Camp Sports. The Beis was packed during learning groups and the sports fields were filled with intensity. However, once Sunday night came, we were in for quite the twist! On Sunday night Rabbi Zucker had the best night activity this summer – the Zucker Games. Many advisors and campers had opportunities to get involved in the entertaining and fun filled activities. The camp was divided into four teams and the teams picked campers or advisors to get involved in each game. One of the funniest games was when four advisors stood on chairs and four of the shortest campers had to feed them with bottles filled with root beer. The advisor who finished the bottle first was declared the winner. Another awesome game was when four campers had to eat a watermelon – with no hands. The final activity and best out of all the Zucker Games was when four campers had to put their heads in a bowl of flour to find a penny without using their hands. All in all, it was a hilarious night at Camp Sports, and an amazing way to kick start what is sure to be another great week in Camp Sports!

-Shlomo Hirschey, Elizabeth, NJ

Shabbos Week 3!!

The third Shabbos at Camp sports was INSPIRING!!! This week was extra special because of the presence of NCSY Summer director David Cutler. An uplifting Kaballas Shabbos was led by Yaakov Abramowitz. In Camp sports, you could really feel the enthusiasm in the room during Davening. After Kabballas Shabbos and Maariv there was the awesome dinner. Dinner is always great with the beautiful Zemiros and the inspirational weekly Dvar Torah, which was given this week by our Joseph Fink. After dinner, we had a special Oneg led by the Kollel and David Cutler. As always, the Oneg was amazing with the great tunes the great food, especially the beef jerky, specially sponsored by David Cutler. During Lunch, we had our wonderful deli sandwiches, our weekly birthday cakes which are always amazing, and more incredible Zemiros and songs. The afternoon is always filled with lots of free time to learn or sleep, as well as a nice selection of board games. As the amazing Shabbos started winding down, we had Mincha, and then Shalosh Seudot. As Shabbos ebbed away, the most inspiring part about Shabbos to me, started. It was very inspirational, we sang singing different songs together, and Rabbi Zucker spoke about what one little Chesed can do. Ebbing was great! We davened Maariv, made Havdalah, and then we went off to bowling followed by a Pizza Melava Malka. We are all eagerly looking forward to another exciting week here at Camp Sports!!

-Danny Friedman, Cedarhurst, NY