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About The Trip

First Shabbos in Camp!

campsports July 1, 2013

How would one describe the first Shabbos in camp?¬†Well, one could say that “Shabbos is really, really nice.” Just ask Ilan Friedner!

We began our first Shabbos in camp with an exciting Kabbalas Shabbos Davening (prayer) lead by advisor Benjy Dennis. We sang and danced around the Beis Medrash as we welcomed in the Shabbos for the first time this summer. After a meal filled with zemiros (shabbos songs) and fun, the NCSYers were treated to Oneg led by Rabbi Moshe Zucker, which of course was filled with chulent and candy.

The next day, the NCSYers and advisors made good use of the long Shabbos afternoons to catch up on some sleep and spend some quality time ‘chilling’ in the dorms, away from the hot Baltimore sun. There was Rita’s Ices for those who hung around the Beis Medrash to learn a little extra on Shabbos. After Mincha, Rabbi Green had a talk with the NCSYers about G-d’s existence, which was followed by a delicious Shaleshuddes (third shabbos meal).

We then entered the just-about-to-be-renovated main Beis Medrash of Ner Israel Rabbinical College for one of the most amazing Ebbings in Camp Sports history. The entire Yeshiva moved out of the Beis Medrash, which has been in use for 60 years, in order to undergo summer renovations. We had the amazing opportunity to spend the last few moments of Shabbos singing and hearing inspiring words from NCSYer Chad Horwitz and Rabbi Green, just before they tear down the walls. It was truly a special moment in Camp Sports history, and an Ebbing to be remembered!