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About The Trip


campsports July 5, 2013

If you ask a Camp Sports Alumnus about his most memorable trip at Camp, odds are that the trip to Hagerstown was mentioned. This year the trip was even more epic, with an additional new activity before the annual minor league baseball game.

The new activity was the Boonsboro Family Recreation Center. This complex was packed with cool activities. NCSYers tested their driving skills on one (or both) of the two go-cart tracks. There were also batting cages (for those of us who are slumping during league games). For those who prefer hitting the ball while it isn’t moving, there was a golf driving range. NCSYers and staff worked tirelessly to try and hit the car which was setup as a target. There were also two mini-golf courses, a basketball court, a volleyball court and a horseshoe throwing thing. We finished off at the complex in classic Camp Sports fashion, with a delicious barbecue dinner.

After we ate, we boarded the buses for Municipal Stadium, one of the five oldest baseball stadiums in America. There, we made some noise for our adopted Camp team, the Hagerstown Suns. We came prepared with signs, banners and rally towels. We also adopted a player, Brandon Miller. We were on our feet for “Miller Time”, and went crazy when he made a catch in the outfield.

Rabbi Green kicked off the game with a ceremonial first pitch (a little low and outside). The Suns rallied behind our support to win 3-0.   All of the fans, players, and stadium staff were very appreciative of the fun atmosphere that we brought into the game. After the game we enjoyed a patriotic fireworks display, and headed back to camp. The play of the game was undoubtedly our very own Samy Hecker, in an orange body suit, winning the diaper changing competition (only in minor league baseball) against Elimelech Fried, and as a prize he received  a free meal at a non-kosher steak house.

On Thursday we finally got some nice weather, and we played two intense games of sports. As the season hits its second week, the Laminators (captained by Elimelech Fried) are sitting in first place with a 7-1 record. In the evening we had Mishmar learning, capped off by a fun raffle, and some delicious cholent.