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Chaburah Spotlight: Benjy Dennis

campsports July 14, 2013

Chaburah Spotlight: Benjy Dennis

Today’s Chaburah spotlight is on Benjy Dennis’s Chaburah.

Benjy is spending his first summer as an advisor for Camp Sports after spending the previous summer in the camp’s Kollel. After finishing his third year at Yeshivat Sha’alvim, Benjy currently attends Lander College for Men. Benjy lives in North Miami Beach, FL and was previously involved in NCSY throughout high school, including being his region’s Vice President in his Junior year.

The NCSYers in Benjy’s Chaburah are Moshe Ostreicker (Toronto, CA) and Ezra Zimble (Boston, MA).

The Chaburah is currently learning Rambam Hilchos Dey’os. It deals with how to improve one’s character traits and gives a lot of interesting health advice.

Topics that have been discussed are how to improve one’s diet and refraining from speaking Lashon Hara.

The Chaburah is very interactive and everyone takes a part in reading and translating the words of the Rambam. Questions often arise and each member attempts to give an answer that satisfies everyone. Through these exciting topics, a great summer experience is guaranteed.