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About The Trip

Thursday- Shaun Regenbaum

burackz July 20, 2012

Today was the last day before the nine days. We played leagues on another 100 degree day, and made sure to do our laundry. Of the campers who have been showing up to davening on time, a few lucky winners were chosen to go to Rabbi Cooper’s friend’s pool for a final pre-nine days pool party. Between Mincha and Maariv, we kicked off our annual free throw shooting contest for charity, and this year we introduced a new frisbee throwing competition. It was $5 to enter the frisbee contest and $10 to enter the free throw shooting contest with all proceeds going to Chai Lifeline. Rabbi Wexler gave a short night shiur/video explaining the value of disconnecting from our ¬†cell phones in order to have more meaningful lives, and tomorrow morning many of us are going to turn in our cell phones for a day. We had another exciting thursday night Mishmar, with many prizes, and I won a kosherlamp (even though I already have one.) Afterward, we had a tasty kugel buffet as we get ready to head into Shabbos.

-Shaun Regenbaum